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“★★★★★ I contacted Jonathan McHugh of Livesay and Myers to represent me in my recent divorce. After thirty years of marriage, I had no knowledge whatsoever of divorce proceedings. Jonathan led me through the entire process in a calm and measured way, but proved to be more than capable of ensuring I received a good settlement. He was not only knowledgeable and directed, he was also kind and understanding about what I was experiencing. One of the best aspects of dealing with Jonathan and his paralegal, Ms. Stanley, was their response time. I never sent an email that was not responded to the same day. I found that remarkable. I would highly recommend Jonathan McHugh to anyone facing divorce.” – Donna N.

“★★★★★ I was blindsided by my wife when she asked for a divorce after 25 years and presented me with a separation agreement. I read reviews about Livesay & Myers and decided to contact them.​ ​The attorney assigned was Jonathan McHugh. From my first call with him, through the entire process, I constantly realized I could not have made a better choice. Jonathan was knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. He provided excellent advice and guided me through the process of finalizing the agreement.​ ​He was remarkably responsive and returned work items very quickly, whereas my wife’s attorney would drag on for days for very simple matters.

Ms. Stanley, Jonathan’s paralegal, was also exceptional. She set up calls between Jonathan and myself and helped with any information I needed. She too, was very responsive and timely, which is a huge bonu​s​ in the uncharted waters I found myself in. Sitting around waiting and wondering would have been near impossible to bear, but I never did. I’d also like to mention Ms. Ornelas, the Operations Specialist, who provided me with regular statements of my remaining retainer. All in all, the total cost was surprisingly low, but that’s to be expected with a firm that works as efficiently as Livesay & Myers.

I’d like to say I’d use them again, but I don’t plan on ever being in this situation again.” – Powell B.

“★★★★★ Jonathan McHugh, Gigi Stanley and the Livesay & Myers, P.C. law firm were amazing to work with during my divorce. They made what seemed was going to be an extremely difficult process very simple. They both were very responsive, helpful and professional throughout the process. I highly recommend Livesay & Myers, P.C. for your legal needs!” – Lauren C.

“★★★★★ I selected Jon McHugh of Livesay & Myers to help me through a recent divorce. I unfortunately have experience with other divorce attorneys and because of previous issues, I interviewed a few others before I finally picked Jon. I was immediately impressed with his candor and demeanor. He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, like many have. He also didn’t look at his watch before he said hello or goodbye like I’ve experienced in the past. He listened to my story and gave me his thoughts about a path forward. I was sold on him after the first five minutes. Working with Jon and his support staff was my favorite of all time attorney interactions. Jon and Margaret Stanley were extremely responsive to any of my questions or requests and I never got the feeling that they were looking for things to charge me for like I’ve experienced in the past. The bottom line is that the final settlement came out much better than we discussed in the beginning. I chalk that up to Jon knowing what he is doing and the strategy he laid out working better than expected. Exceeding expectations is how you get satisfied customers and I certainly am one. As a side note, this cost me less than I expected and much less than I’ve previously experienced. I would highly recommend the Livesay & Myers law firm and Jonathan McHugh in specific.” – Ron B.

“★★★★★ Jonathan McHugh and Tatyana Spurgeon made a phenomenal team during an emotionally draining legal action. Their combined approach ensured that I was completely confident in their professional skills, while they also conveyed compassion and empathy during the situation to its conclusion. They were forthright, direct, communicative, and honest throughout the entire process. Any and all questions that I had were responded to in a VERY timely manner, and both seemed to go well beyond the routine working hours to address my questions. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to L&M, and to have been served by this wonderful team, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal representation.” – Bill

“★★★★★ I contacted Livesay & Myers after searching the web for military divorce attorneys in Virginia. My divorce was complicated and I needed someone to start resolving the little obstacles and concentrate on the larger issues. I met with Jonathan McHugh for a consultation. He was patient, extremely professional and thorough and made me feel at ease that all my issues would be resolved in a timely manner. Jonathan’s knowledge of the military and estate issues was extensive. After 24 years of abuse, Jonathan, along with his paralegal, Tatyana Spurgeon, helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Both of them were quick to respond to any inquiries I had. I felt very comfortable being represented by Livesay & Myers, as I now know personally that Attorney Jonathan McHugh and his paralegal, Tatyana, fought and succeeded in every aspect of my divorce. Even after the divorce was final, Jonathan and Tatyana continued to be attentive to all the financial details that needed to be followed up to conclusion. I feel very comfortable in recommending their services to anyone who needs to accomplish a positive end result from a difficult situation.” – Karen H.

“★★★★★ Divorce sucks. It entails loss, pain, and grief. It also means you face uncertainty and unknowns, especially with respect to your rights and the legal process. No matter your situation, you need to know all the legal and financial aspects of the divorce. You need a lawyer, and a firm, you can trust and partner with throughout the process. From my first meeting with Jonathan McHugh, I felt I could not only trust him, but that I wasn’t ‘just another divorce.’ I felt the same when meeting Tatyana. Both were genuinely interested in the specifics of my case, and treated me with the utmost respect, humanity, patience, and professionalism throughout the duration of my case. As divorce negotiations proceeded, I felt confident that Jonathan and Tatyana always had my best interests in mind. The result was a fair settlement. I highly recommend Jonathan and Tatyana, and Livesay & Myers as a firm.” – Michael D.

“★★★★★ Jonathan [McHugh] was the right guy to guide me through one of the most difficult challenges in life: divorce. He has a talent for giving sage advice and keeping all parties focused on an equitable end game and minimizing drama. He and his assistant Tatyana were responsive, understanding and very professional. Thank you both for your counsel.” – Joe D.

“★★★★★ Jonathan [McHugh] and Tatyana dove into my Pro-Se paperwork mess, sorted through piles of overwhelming facts, and extracted a plan to defend me in a custody modification suit, full of erroneous accusations, immediately following a life-threatening illness. Jonathan is firm yet empathetic; his command of the English language is powerful and delivered a sobering experience to the opposition. It wasn’t a surprise that they insisted on settling out of court! Throughout the process, their responses to my inquiries were immediate and personal. I would be proud to call them my friends, even though they are my counsel. Fortunately, my health has been restored; and, due to their unwavering dedication, my family and life have been restored as well. I can live the rest of my life with my children by side and this team in my back pocket. The outcome far exceeded my expectations and there’s no chance I’ll ever seek counsel elsewhere. Thanks, Jon and Tatyana, for leading us through the most difficult time of our lives.” – Irene

“★★★★★ Everybody knows how difficult a divorce can be. I had a previous lawyer at the beginning of mine that was not very considerate. I did not continue with that person. When I had to amend my separation agreement, I made an appointment with Jonathan [McHugh]. Jonathan was direct and had the ability to keep the conversation going in the direction it needed to go; after all, time is money, especially in a divorce lawyer situation. Due to being impressed by our first visit for the separation agreement, I decided to keep Jonathan as my divorce lawyer. The rates are competitive and the whole office is great. I would highly recommend!!” – Matthew J.

“★★★★★ Divorce is not something you can really prepare for. There are lot of considerations and though you think you’ve thought of them all, rest assured you haven’t. Jon McHugh and Tatyana Spurgeon were both supportive and made me realize some realities. I wanted to just get it done, but Mr. McHugh made me realize that it wasn’t just me that I was preparing this new phase of my life. Since the children were going to reside with me he researched the child support and figured the numbers that were fair based on our incomes. He also showed the options available to me based on what our circumstances in regard to the divorce, but also respected my decision in the matter. One can hope that you get a team like I did to help you through this. Just because you pay top dollar for an attorney that everyone recommends doesn’t mean you will receive what feels like personal care on a one on one basis. Sometimes the ‘top dollar’ legal team is the one that gives you that ‘top dollar’ attention.” – Terence K.

“★★★★★ Jonathan McHugh Esq. and Tatyana Spurgeon, senior paralegal are top notch! From the 1st meeting with Jon, through 2 years of a very long and very difficult divorce they were there every step of the way. Their quick responsiveness to my questions and concerns, expert legal advice and compassion throughout the process made going through this very trying period in my life a little easier. I highly recommend Jonathan and Tatyana and can’t thank them enough for everything they did for me!” – Susan R.

“★★★★★ I came across Livesay & Myers by fluke stemming from a negative experience with another attorney… and I am SO glad that I had that experience because it brought me to Jon [McHugh] & Tatyana. They are both prompt, honest, and thorough. I felt like I truly mattered the entire time and taken care of. The need for an attorney is usually an unfortunate one, however, life happens and I couldn’t have asked for better guidance and support. Every person I came in contact with from Livesay & Myers was pleasant, knowledgeable, and willing. I have only positives to say, and many of them. Highly recommend.” – Natalie S.

“★★★★★ Honest review. I stumbled across this law firm from google searching ‘divorce lawyers that specialize with fathers.’ I sent them an email out of desperation on a Friday night and got a call back the very next Saturday at 1:30PM. I explained my current situation over the phone and they brought me in for a consultation. This is where I sat and met with Jonathan [McHugh], my divorce attorney. One thing to consider when picking out an attorney is that you are not shopping for a therapist. You are shopping for an attorney. That is exactly what Jon is. What made me respect him is the fact that he made that very clear to me and advised me with the most honest and up to date laws. His paralegal Tatyana was exceptional in communicating with me and sending me over documents as needed.

At 10:30PM on a Thursday night I found myself in a nasty uneasy situation while locked in my room with my child. Out of desperation I emailed Jonathan and asked him ‘What do I do?’ I don’t know many lawyers but the fact that he was able to respond to my email with advice on how to properly handle that situation at 10:30PM on a Thursday night says a lot about how he treats his clients.

He will give you the best legal counsel possible, and when it comes time to fight it out in court, you will feel as confident as I did when he told me ‘If their attorney chooses to go to court, we will come out on top. I’m not worried about him.’ The other party decided to sign the agreement that we had sent over to them. Which brings up another point. When coming to a separation/settlement agreement with your spouse, he will make points and ideas that are fair and honest for both parties.

There are no cutting corners. He will give you the best legal advice possible so that if in the event you do go to court, you walk in there with confidence and the judge will see that you are doing right on your part such as paying child support before it is even court ordered, being civil with your spouse, and respectful when it comes to communication. In the world we live in, people are very quick to rush to google to find information on law and are quick to ask their friends. Stop wasting your time and have a chat with these people. You’ll learn A LOT!

Huge thank you to Tatyana & Jon! You both made my entire divorce process an absolute breeze.” – J. Alves

“★★★★★ I cannot say enough good things about Jonathan McHugh and Tatyana Spurgeon. They are professional, courteous, understanding, sympathetic, reasonable, and are both extremely good at what they do. They both respond to emails literally within minutes, which blew me away considering how many cases they are working on at once. They know the legal system inside and out, and they know how to approach things in a manner that will provide the best chance of a favorable outcome. Unfortunately, having to secure their services probably means you’re going through a difficult time in your life, but having a team that is as good as John and Tatyana will provide comfort in an otherwise stressful time. John and Tatyana are phenomenal. Hands down.” – Josh W.

“★★★★★ The whole divorce process seemed daunting and I had no idea where to start or what to expect. I worked with Jon [McHugh] and Tatyana and they made the whole process so easy, and were great to work with throughout. I loved that they have a flat-rate fee for uncontested divorces because my ex and I were in agreement about all aspects of our divorce and I really didn’t want to have to pay thousands of dollars to have a lawyer on retainer. All documents were drawn up and filed quickly, and my ex and I were able to have our divorce finalized without even having to appear in court. I would definitely recommend Livesay & Myers to anyone looking for help with a divorce.” – Olivia G.

“★★★★★ Jonathan McHugh and Tatyana Spurgeon helped me with my case. I live states away from Virginia and Mr. McHugh did a fantastic job representing me. He was always patient, understanding, and timely. He fought hard for my daughter and I. He was a great listener and always took the time to address my concerns. I would recommend his services to anyone. If I am ever in need of an attorney I guarantee that Mr. McHugh is my go to guy!” – Ann R.

“★★★★★ Jonathan McHugh was my attorney in dealing with my soon to be ex-wife. Jon was both patient and knowledgeable when it came to dealing with my problems. He heard me out and then gave me excellent advice. Jon made me feel more like a friend than a client and I would recommend him to anyone having to go through difficult times such as these. Additionally, Tatyana was always contacting me and providing me updates to my case. She is first rate! Thanks for your assistance in my time of need, Livesay and Myers!” – Doug K.

“★★★★★ Jonathan McHugh was the second Lawyer I saw for my separation/divorce. He was very knowledgeable and provided me with sound advice and guidance on items I should or shouldn’t include in my property settlement agreement. Jonathan and his staff were very responsive and expedient in not only preparing my settlement agreement, but also in planning for my divorce. I highly recommend this team to anyone going through this process!” – Monica S.

“★★★★★ I have had the unfortunate experience of having to hire several attorneys over the past decade for family court and have seen all types of firms. Livesay & Myers, P.C. was the best experience I have had dealing with the unfortunate task of working through legal matters. I worked with attorney Jonathan McHugh and paralegal Tatyana Spurgeon. I worked with Jonathan and the nature of my case was a slow start, and in this matter, what I perceive was a small case. Despite that, Jonathan was clear on expectations, steps in the case, risks, and was detailed oriented and based on considerable experience. Even though it was not a big case, he treated my case as if it was. Tatyana (paralegal) was also timely, followed up as promised, answered questions with clarity, detail oriented, and generally was incredibly pleasant to work with. Even if the follow up with me was months away, she would reach out as promised. Small case, but it was important to me and clearly important to Tatyana & Jonathan. I recommend you look at Livesay & Myers, P.C. first. Thank you for your help in my case!” – Kevin

“★★★★★ To all at Livesay and Myers, a sincere thank you. Jonathan McHugh was very sympathetic to me and provided an unexpected high level of expertise and experience that I needed, and in some cases wasn’t aware that I needed. Tatyana and Becky provided a very friendly business front end for Livesay and were exceptionally professional and friendly. It a pleasure working with all at Livesay, despite my difficult situation.” – Patrick

“★★★★★ The attorneys and staff at Livesay & Myers make what is bound to be a difficult process, as easy as possible. I truly appreciate the collaborative approach of attorneys like Jonathan McHugh and highly recommend him. He made sound recommendations, honored my wishes and respectfully found ways to challenge me where needed throughout the process. Tatyana and all the staff were exceptionally kind and knowledgeable. Although I never plan to need their services again, I absolutely would engage them again & recommend to anyone needing great counsel in working through divorce..” – LJ B.

“★★★★★ I received such excellent service at Livesay and Myers, specifically Jonathan McHugh, Esq. and his paralegal Tatyana Spurgeon in the Leesburg office, I felt compelled to share my experience in the hopes it will help other military spouses seeking a divorce attorney.

As a soon-to-be divorced 20/20/20 military spouse, I wasn’t sure where to turn, as I had read stories about former spouses missing out on entitlements. You put a lot of faith in the attorney composing your Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA). I interviewed two other attorneys before meeting with Jonathan and knew immediately that he was very knowledgeable about addressing my military-related concerns and looking out for ‘me.’

Jonathan addressed the division of military retirement, ‘former’ spouse Supplemental Benefit Plan (SBP) coverage, continued enrollment in TRICARE, and the associated contingencies. Although my former spouse was ‘mostly’ cooperative throughout the process, even he commented, ‘Wow, that’s pretty thorough!’ after reading Jonathan’s draft of the MSA. And, because the initial draft was so well done (citing relevant case law to back up items in the MSA), we didn’t have to go back-and-forth ironing out specifics—which ultimately saved me a significant amount of money.

I cannot thank Jonathan enough for his patience and professionalism during a most difficult time.” – Marie S.

“★★★★★ I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan McHugh on a custody case and I’m very satisfied with his service. He was able to work out an agreement with the opposing party prior to us going to trial which ended up saving me money which is huge especially in these uncertain times. I would highly recommend working with him as he is a very reasonable attorney and will give you straightforward answers and will get results.” – Moe R.


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