ReviewsThe following is a sampling of client reviews for the attorneys at Livesay & Myers:


“★★★★★ Ariel Baniowski and her paralegal, Tatyana Spurgeon were phenomenal. Ariel Baniowski expertly prepared and litigated my case. You could talk to 1,000 attorneys and you’d be lucky to find 3 or 4 that possess the kind of passion, zeal, work ethic, and competence that Ariel has. She works like a machine. She values time and your dollar. She argues with the perfect balance of logic, passion, and confidence. She is incredibly intelligent. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, feel confident that you have one of the best in the business. Most importantly to me, I always had the feeling that Ariel and Tatyana were as invested in my case as I was. I didn’t feel that they were merely representing me. I truly felt that we were all in it together, standing shoulder to shoulder as part of the same fight. They were more than a legal team. They were a support system. Finally, Ariel never told me what I wanted to hear just because I wanted to hear it. She always told me exactly what she thought was right. She’s not in it to be a people pleaser. She’s in it to win your case. I can’t thank Ariel, Tatyana, and Livesay and Myers enough for what they’ve accomplished for me and I highly recommend their services if you are going through a difficult time like I was.” – Andrew

“★★★★★ I can’t begin to express what a wonderful experience I had working with Matthew Smith  and his paralegal, Caitlin Wilkinson. They were professional, thorough, knowledgeable and most of all, kind and understanding during a difficult and painful process. Divorce is a scary time and there’s no greater comfort than feeling you have the best on your side—and hiring Matthew is hiring the best. He consistently worked to balance what was best for my case based on his extensive experience, knowledge and genuine interest in my well-being, as well as my personal values and needs. He cared about my case and I always felt like a priority. Caitlin Wilkinson was an absolute joy—she took all of my calls as though I was speaking with a trusted advisor and friend. They worked diligently, efficiently and with genuine compassion to resolve my matter in a way that was better than I could have ever hoped for!” – G.B.

“★★★★★ I did not have an ordinary case. It involved adoption, death, termination of parental rights, just to name a few. From the very beginning, I was told the truth. Options, strategies and ideas were always provided. The communication was wonderful, the attention was wonderful, the guidance was wonderful. I was updated on any developments immediately and any plans of what to do next. The work given to my case and the time given to my case were wonderful. [Laila] Raheen is amazing, I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance.” – Anonymous Client

“★★★★★ Amanda [Stone Swart] was a world of help during the dissolution of my marriage. She was very compassionate and caring. I was able to rely on her to have accurate information and quick responses to my questions. She was highly knowledgeable of what I needed to think about in regards to my future financially and the future of my children. Her advice helped establish a custody arrangement that was agreeable to both parties. Amanda was so supportive of me during the most difficult time of my life. Her dependability made me comfortable with the decisions I was making. There is no question that she had my best intentions in mind. I highly recommend her services.” – Carrie

“★★★★★ [Jonathan McHugh and his paralegal] made a phenomenal team during an emotionally draining legal action. Their combined approach ensured that I was completely confident in their professional skills, while they also conveyed compassion and empathy during the situation to its conclusion. They were forthright, direct, communicative, and honest throughout the entire process. Any and all questions that I had were responded to in a VERY timely manner, and both seemed to go well beyond the routine working hours to address my questions. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to L&M, and to have been served by this wonderful team, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal representation.” – Bill

“★★★★★ Absolutely phenomenal team to work with! I completed some online research for a Legal Separation and concluding Divorce, and Benjamin Carafiol’s name kept rising to the top of all listings. Now I know it was definitely for good reason. From the care and diligence of the initial phone call all the way through receiving the final divorce decree, Ben, Ashley, and his team were professional, responsive, and helpful in all ways. The expediency of the filings were above-par, and receipt of final original documentation, including a ‘next-steps’ listing of people/agencies to contact with changes, exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for helping to always protect my interests and cover all of the logistical tasks associated with a Separation/Divorce.” – Sharon S.

“★★★★★ Carolyn [Eaton] helped me navigate a very contentious separation agreement, and come to a solution with my daughter’s best interests at heart, which was my primary goal. After reaching the agreement, Carolyn and her paralegal, Bethny, were able to very quickly file my no-contest divorce case, so we could move on with our lives. She’s a wonderful attorney who truly cares about her clients’ needs and well-being!” – Anne

“★★★★★ I normally don’t write reviews but decided to enter this one based on my experience with the staff at Livesay & Myers. When you hire a professional firm to represent you, you expect professional level service. When you hire Livesay & Myers you get so much more. Caitlyn Stubbs and her staff were beyond professional. They took time to understand the issue… they clearly looked after my interests and time… they introduced a successful approach… and brought the matter to closure quickly. Communications were timely and often enough without being overwhelming. Caitlyn was very conscience of the costs and did everything possible to keep the fees under control. When I need a law firm in the future I certainly hope that Caitlyn and her staff are available.” – Tom P.

“★★★★★ I worked with Sarah Collins regarding a custody/visitation matter and the help I received was beyond my expectations. Ms. Collins worked with me on my case to make sure that the needs of my child were put first and that my child’s best interest was at heart. I was able to meet with her in a timely manner, contact her via phone and email with no problems and I felt comfortable talking to her. When dealing with a custody matter you want to be able to trust your law firm and I feel as if working with this law firm I could count on everything being done correctly, professionally and respectfully. I would recommend Ms. Collins to anyone and if I ever have to go back to court I will be seeking Ms. Collins!” – Kaite R.


“★★★★★ I was represented by Atty. Ben Griffits for a case in Manassas. In my initial interview, I was very pleased with his responses to my questions and concerns. He seemed to be very knowledgeable about the County Court system, various ‘personalities’ of the judges and prosecutors, and the process we would need to go through for my case. I was also very satisfied with his negotiations on my behalf, and with the outcome of the case. Ben’s encouragement and understanding throughout the process were much appreciated and I would definitely consult with him—or any of the Attorneys at the firm, on any other legal matter that I would have.” – Tom B.

“★★★★★ Thank you [Fernando] Villarroel! Having lived in Virginia twice since 1997, I was unaware that speeding can warrant a reckless driving charge, which is a criminal offense in Virginia, rather than a traffic violation. Mr. Villarroel assisted me with my case and rather than receiving jail time or an exceedingly high fine, my criminal charge of reckless driving was reduced to speeding. I don’t deny that I was speeding, but I was not doing it knowingly, as I was on a road where I was unaware of the posted speed limit, given that I had not seen a sign. I thank both Fernando Villarroel and Hannah Hirsch for all of their assistance with my case.” – Sue G.


“★★★★★ Jennifer Varughese handled our family’s immigration case with exceptional professionalism and incredible kindness! After searching for nearly a year for an attorney who would take on an expedited citizenship case with the unique circumstances of our family, we came across Livesay and Myers’ website and decided to write a short letter of inquiry. Within a day or two we received a very thorough and encouraging reply, and following our first appointment with Jennifer we had an absolute peace that our case would be in excellent hands. We really don’t have words to express our gratefulness to her in taking on our case and working so hard to effectively represent us. It is such a gift to know that each of our family members now has US citizenship, and an incredible blessing to have traveled that journey with such a highly qualified, committed and genuinely caring attorney!” – Roman C.

“★★★★★ My case was in very bad situation and needed an attorneys help. I was called along with my wife for the second interview in Aug for my 10 year green card because the immigration lawyer was not satisfied with the first interview. So I hired Livesay and Myers for my case, Karen [Williams] represented us and she helped us preparing for the interview. She understood our whole case and prepared us to see the case from the immigration office point of view and prepared us for the interview. The interview went ok but the immigration officer was not satisfied with the answer so he sent a letter in Oct for intends to deny petition and we had 30 days to respond to the letter. I was so worried, but Karen responded to the letter and cleared some misunderstandings and I received my 10 year green card in mail on Dec 31. Happy Ending :).” – Anonymous


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