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“★★★★★ Ariel Baniowski and her paralegal, Tatyana Spurgeon were phenomenal. Ariel Baniowski expertly prepared and litigated my case. You could talk to 1,000 attorneys and you’d be lucky to find 3 or 4 that possess the kind of passion, zeal, work ethic, and competence that Ariel has. She works like a machine. She values time and your dollar. She argues with the perfect balance of logic, passion, and confidence. She is incredibly intelligent. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, feel confident that you have one of the best in the business. Most importantly to me, I always had the feeling that Ariel and Tatyana were as invested in my case as I was. I didn’t feel that they were merely representing me. I truly felt that we were all in it together, standing shoulder to shoulder as part of the same fight. They were more than a legal team. They were a support system. Finally, Ariel never told me what I wanted to hear just because I wanted to hear it. She always told me exactly what she thought was right. She’s not in it to be a people pleaser. She’s in it to win your case. I can’t thank Ariel, Tatyana, and Livesay and Myers enough for what they’ve accomplished for me and I highly recommend their services if you are going through a difficult time like I was.” – Andrew

“★★★★★ You cannot do better than [Ariel] Baniowski. Understand that you are going through the most emotional time in your life. Hire her, trust her, and then allow her to do her job. She will not over-promise, will keep you grounded, and will deliver. She has experience with the system and knowledge of the law, but, above all, she has the knowledge of human behavior to give you the edge you probably desperately seek. I regret a lot of things connected to my divorce. Hiring her is the only thing I don’t regret.” – Michael

“★★★★★ Ariel Baniowski has done an outstanding job in representing me with professional legal guidance, support and strategy during my custody and child support hearings, concerning my infant daughter. While I originally sought an attorney that was a similar to Jack McCoy-style ‘Bull in the china shop,’ Ariel proved to be different, but much preferred, to what I thought I wanted. She possessed the ability to not only listen to what I wanted, but integrate my desires into a coherent and sound legal strategy that provided me a with better result than first anticipated. She was both candid and forthright throughout the process, which allowed me to anticipate and understand the legal process and what was in store for me. I highly recommend Ariel (as I call her), because not only does she care about your desires and what’s best for your child(ren), she can stand her ground against opposing counsel. Livesay and Myers is a warm and inviting firm where you can feel that the entire staff from the receptionist to the paralegal is committed to helping you through your ordeal.” – Roslyn

“★★★★★ About 8 months ago, I got served with divorce papers and I am very thankful that I sought Livesay & Myers for counsel representation. Mrs. Ariel Baniowski represented me and did a phenomenal job of it! It was a long and expensive process, but definitely worth the investment especially when we went to Divorce Court and Mrs. Baniowski successfully fought for me, as a Soldier, to have primary custody of our three young children. She was tough, but fair and delivered beyond expectations! I did not expect the ruling and I credit Mrs. Baniowski for being better prepared and experienced. I would highly recommend her! Thank you again Ariel.” – Rafael

“★★★★★ I highly recommend Ariel Baniowski. No review can reflect my appreciation for the eventual success of my case. I had a turd of a case, a very emotionally heartbreaking emergency child custody situation. Unfortunately, my original attorney was too green (and gun shy) and advised me poorly and my children were left in a non-ideal living situation with their other parent. Ariel was always prepared and professional with any questions I had, reassured me when necessary, always went over all possible scenarios and advised for my own best interest and that of my children; she never blew smoke and gave me solid, sound, honest advice. I must also note that she didn’t rake me over the coal in terms of charges. I never questioned her time, in fact she was more than generous with write-offs (don’t tell Livesay). Ariel’s endurance was consistent throughout my entire case from August 2017 to January 2021 which led to the successful winning of my case.” – CD

“★★★★★ Livesay & Myers is an excellent law firm. Professional, respectful, communicative from start to finish. My attorney, Ariel Baniowski, supported me and aggressively fought on my behalf, while also advising me and helping me stay grounded and realistic about what to expect. Her kindness and great listening skills made me feel cared for and heard at a very emotional and challenging time. I am very pleased with how my matter was resolved, and felt complete confidence in my attorney every step of the way. If I need legal services again in the future, I will certainly reach out to Ariel and Livesay & Myers.” – Courtney M.

“★★★★★ Ariel Baniowski and her paralegal, Gigi Stanley were phenomenal. Ariel expertly prepared and litigated my case. My case involved child custody and support. Ariel clearly was better prepared and more knowledgeable than my Ex’s attorney. She always told me the facts and was very candid even when it was something I didn’t want to hear. If you have to go to trial you want Ariel by your side. I highly recommend her and Gigi – you can’t do better!!” – Kevin K.

“★★★★★ Divorce is not easy on the individual or the family. Ariel [Baniowski] and Tatyana helped me through a very difficult time with compassion, expertise, and thoroughness. The support and guidance I received from Ariel and Tatyana was instrumental and provided a lot of comfort knowing my interest were always well represented. I had a complex situation and they were able to navigate it for me with finesse and a resolution and outcome I was hoping for. Ariel and Tatyana were always prompt and very diligent, and never shied to give it to me straight, if I wanted to hear it or not. Ariel fought for my interests at all times and was a called a ‘pit bull’ by opposing counsel, a term I thought was one of flattery and highlighted the focus and unwillingness to not have my interests, and the interests of my 2 children, as her number one priority. The best choice I made was selecting Livesay & Myers and thank you again to Ariel and Tatyana!” – A.

“★★★★★ When going through one of the most difficult times of my life, someone recommended Livesay and Myers to me. I met with Mrs. Ariel Baniowski and was immediately relieved to not be going through it alone! She was straight forward with me from the beginning, never gave me false hope but fought the fight with me every step of the way! I cannot recommend her enough and was more then pleased with the outcome. No one wants to go through divorce or custody battles but with her in your corner you know things will get done! Again, if you need an attorney who will fight the battle and be honest all through the process call Ms. Ariel!” – Debbie

“Honest, organized, caring, advocate, dedicated, and trustworthy. These are just a few of the words I would use to describe Ariel Baniowski. I hired her and the firm of Livesay and Myers to defend me against a ‘rule to show cause’ and what turned out to be a move for full custody of my children.

My divorce was finalized in 2014 and I had been living with a 50/50 custody arrangement. The ex remarried and decided to try and overturn the original mediation agreement. They alleged breaches of the agreement and used that to justify a change in custody. This initiated a year long battle of litigation and utter chaos.

Ariel was a rock for me and my family. When I was emotional and wanted to lash out, she would be the first to question if my decision and steady my hand. She was really great at taking me from the emotional roller coaster to a rational zone. She would be direct with my possibilities when the path (or upcoming rulings) was uncertain—that was my favorite part about her style.

The biggest thing I learned is that there is no certainty in this process. Even with an iron clad meditation agreement, everything can be litigated. Having a lawyer that reminds you of that, and shows you what we are doing to prove our point was more helpful to me than one that told me we were gonna win. There will be many wins and losses until the final verdict is in, and it’s important to stay focused—and that is what Ariel did. She is an amazing lawyer and I won on all accounts thanks to her hard work and dedication! The firm of Livesay and Myers was also really amazing. They kept the costs down and always kept me well informed of how my money was being spent.” – Vin

“★★★★★ I went through an extremely difficult multi-year divorce and custody fight. Ariel [Baniowski] was extremely competent, and worked tirelessly to ensure we came out with the best outcome possible. I can’t speak highly enough about Ariel or the team at Livesay and Myers. Again, thank you for what you’ve done for my family.” – Derek

“★★★★★ I called Livesay & Myers for a consultation and was matched with Ariel Baniowski back in October 2014. I called for help with issues with my then husband in regards to his behavior, money and our child. I was lost and unsure of what I felt, what to do and what my rights were. She met with me and listened to my fears and utter confusion. She listened attentively and was straight up with me. I left the office knowing what my rights were and feeling better about my situation and how to try to handle it. I tried for the next 6 months.

I called again in April of 2015 and made another appointment with Ariel – this time for divorce. She remembered me and my story. She never judged me. She heard me and began working on a plan. My story has unfolded and unraveled in ways that I never imagined it could have, but did. Ariel was never shocked or at a loss of what to do. She has been an incredible rock for me. For the next 2 years, she has been nothing but attentive, proactive, calming, and genuinely wonderful. My case just ended – and Ariel was on top of everything always. She was reasonable when I wasn’t, efficient, friendly, understanding, pragmatic, real, calming, educated, productive, professional, pleasant, constructive and most of all my ally. Ariel has truly been there for me for 2 years. She was accessible always – for the past 2 years! Ariel answered all my emails quickly and had a plan or an answer.

Everyone at the firm has been nothing but professional and helpful. I never felt pressured or misunderstood or anything but confident about anything I had to take care of. Everyone at Livesay & Myers (Isabella Baldanza, Becky Seablom and Jessica White) have been tremendously cooperative and accommodating. I couldn’t be happier with having this team on my side. Livesay & Myers is an outstanding firm that will absolutely do all they can to transition you through a monumental event, such as divorce. I highly recommend them – especially Ariel Baniowski.”  – Fionnuala

“Ms. Baniowski’s desire to help others is deep seated in her roots and is evident in her everyday practice. Her personal values exude in her desire to help families through the most traumatic times of their lives. Words cannot express the blessing Ariel Baniowski has been to me, but I will certainly do my best!

Ariel’s professionalism is top notch, as well as her ethics. She is always prepared and ready for any potential ‘curve balls’ which could and often occurred. Her positivity, though not to be confused with providing any false hope, guides me through paths I never imagined traveling. Ariel’s ability to help me personally navigate through bouts of chaos, threats, and irrational demands is impeccable.

The team of paralegals and staff which I have worked are very knowledgeable, reliable, and professional. Their courteous nature also helps clients receive the high-quality service the firm provides. Even ‘behind the scenes’ their professionalism exudes in their actions.

I am so thankful for my time with Ariel and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her. Though unintentionally, she has taught me many life skills I can carry over into other realms of my life. Any client would be blessed to have her on their side. Anything you could possibly hope for in an attorney can be found with Ms. Baniowski.” – Natalie

“★★★★★ Recently I was in tremendous need of Attorney Ariel Baniowski‘s services, and I wasn’t disappointed. Attorney Baniowski’s attention to detail, aggressiveness and continuous follow through brought my case to settlement quickly and successfully. Her support staff is top notch and very helpful. I will be recommending Attorney Baniowski and this firm for many years to come! Many thanks!” – Rachel S.

“★★★★★ This is a late review but I felt this still needed to be shared. I’m a single father and was dealing with a situation in which I was greatly concerned for the well being of my child and desperately needed some help. Without getting too into the specifics of my case, I was concerned that my child’s Mother would try to move away and take our child to another state far away. She was a very unstable person and had a tendency to behave very erratically. I needed to act fast and I needed an attorney who really knew the law and was very sharp. After seeing an ad for Livesay & Myers I called and was referred to Ariel Baniowski. Ariel Was AMAZING!!!! She was extremely knowledgeable, diligent and prompt in her work. I knew I found the right person for the job!! It has been almost 2 years since the last time I had to go to court and my child has been safe with me ever since. Ariel really changed the course of my case and left a lasting impression that has also changed the attitude of my child’s Mother. Things have been so much better for me and my child ever since. Many Thanks to Ariel, I would highly recommend her to anyone!!” – Andrew

“★★★★★ I scouted Ariel [Baniowski] several months before choosing her. She paired up with Isabella Baldanza who is a paralegal and a great teammate to Ariel. For over a year, they worked tirelessly for me and ALWAYS told me the truth, even if I didn’t want to hear it. Ariel doesn’t give you false hope and she doesn’t let you make mistakes as a client. I was very emotional at times, rightly so, but she always managed to keep me focused and she always had a solid response to what I needed. She is a bright and motivated attorney and I am so glad I chose her. She fought for me and stays professional at all times. I would NEVER want to be her opponent.” – A. Allen

“★★★★★ I retained Ms. Ariel Baniowski to resolve a legal matter. Her, and her assistant Ms. Margaret Stanley, were professional, courteous, and very responsive. I once sent an email late at night and much to my surprise received a response within minutes from Ariel. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal representation. I found the price to be compatible and fair. Thank you ladies for such amazing service!” – Tracy M.


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