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“★★★★★ Andrew Tank is an outstanding attorney. His demeanor is calm, his intellect is razor sharp, and his grasp of not just legalities but human nature is amazing. He has compassion which cloaks a backbone of steel. He is understanding and generous and the best expert to have in a legal crisis or potential crisis. He promotes the return of sanity in an unsettled world and is simply the best attorney all around. Highly recommend him.” – Muffarah M.

“★★★★★ I have used Andrew Tank thrice in dealing with my former spouse. He has the depth of insight and knowledge that will be of comfort when in the thick of litigation. He has successfully aided me in discovery motions, successfully defeated a protective order in 30 minutes, and has been a constant source of encouragement and sanity in the insanity of nuances within the family law. The outstanding thing that would stand out the most when I recommend him is he is thorough, organized, moral and ethical.” – Gretchen B.

“★★★★★ I retained Andrew Tank after my original attorney left family law, and left me in a bind less with less than a month to contest a ‘vague,’ one-sided PSA/MSA. With an uphill battle against an irrational ex who refused to make rational joint legal co-parenting decisions, but instead used our 2 children as pawns for financial gain and control, I consulted with Mr. Tank. The primary focus was on the stability of the children, seeing that their best interests were considered. Mr. Tank immediately helped protect them from the parental alienation when reason wasn’t working, and filed motions that forced the ex to allow them to attend therapy, and stopped her from moving them far away from me. Mr. Tank understood it was all about money to the ex, and found ways to modify the custody schedule of the PSA that was deemed ‘unmodifiable’ by opposing counsel. His knowledge of the law, positive relationships with the representatives of the court, and ability to maintain the children’s best interests not only benefited their mental health, but also preserved my joint legal rights to continue my role in their lives. Dealing with manipulative opposition is a difficult task, but Mr. Tank did not stand down to the ‘bullies’ during negotiation/litigation, and made it possible that I remained an equal parent, not just a ‘visitor’ in my own children’s lives. If you are looking for an experienced, respected, and ethical attorney that will actually keep ‘family’ as the focus in ‘family law,’ I highly recommend Mr. Tank.” – Grateful Dad

“★★★★★It’s hard to know where to begin in saying thanks to Andy Tank, his paralegal Lisa Collins, and the entire L&M team for making the innately stressful process of separation and divorce as gentle and simple as possible. My entire experience with L&M’s Fairfax office, from their wonderful receptionist, Renee (?!? I hope I’m close on the name?!?), who graciously walked through directions with my Uber driver, to working with Andy and Lisa to find the best solution for my son and me, right through to the billing department staff: at each and every step I felt I had the support of an entire team … and that feeling, to me, was priceless! (Although, being who I am, I had already diligently checked rates and fees and L&M’s fees are incredibly modest compared to other firms ☺️). That being said, if you need an attorney who will take the time to authentically listen to find out who you are and what you need; who will offer the best advice for you and your family (without self-interest); and who will proactively support you throughout the process, I recommend Andy and his team without hesitation! I am, and will always be, incredibly grateful to the L&M team and the roles they played in helping me successfully start the next chapter in my life!” – Melissa S.


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