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“★★★★★ Two years ago, I went to Livesay and Myers and met Amanda Stone Swart. Without getting into all the details, Amanda assisted me with some very complex custody, visitation, and divorce matters. In my many years of experience with the legal system, I have never met a more competent, compassionate, procedurally correct lawyer. The issues that I needed litigated would have been put at risk if it wasn’t for Amanda’s experience and knowledge as an attorney. Amanda, Ms. Humiston, and their firm assisted me with the custody of my children, my divorce, and navigated some complex laws that were relevant to litigating my case. The result, sole legal and physical custody of my children. I don’t state this to brag, I state this because when the matter at stake involves children and significant property, retaining an attorney that follows procedural law is critical. Amanda understood the discretion of many matters and she proved to be an instrumental asset in my case. If you’re looking for representation to litigate family law matters, I highly recommend Amanda Stone Swart, you will not be disappointed. Amanda’s effort, competence and knowledge as a family law attorney, her sensitivity and discretion, her ability to explain and communicate the truth and reality of the law to her client was essential to my sanity through this process. Additionally, my case required additional resources to navigate some complex issues regarding the opposing party and Livesay and Myers was equipped to support these needs. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of my case as she always put my children first in this matter. Amanda Stone-Swart is a capable, skilled expert in family law.” – Howard W.

“★★★★★ I was very pleased with my experience with Livesay & Myers and in particular my attorney Amanda Stone Swart and paralegal Donna Fernandez. Amanda always looked out for my best interests and had a great balance of assertiveness and cautious approach with my time (therefore $). My ex wife’s Fairfax county attorney, made what should have been a very simple case an absolute nightmare. I got to see (as did my ex wife) first hand what damage $$$$ an overly aggressive attorney not looking out for their clients best interest can do. Amanda constantly attempted to talk sense into my wife’s attorney as to sitting down and coming to a simple distribution of assets. Amanda is very knowledgeable and I felt like I was always given realistic expectations at every point in the process, even when things got very messy. I would highly recommend Amanda and the team there at Livesay and Myers! Thanks Amanda!” – Chris M.

“★★★★★ I am extremely pleased with the entire firm of Livesay & Myers, P.C. and how they have handled my needs from the first consultation to the closure of my case. Throughout my legal situation, they handled my proceedings with the utmost professionalism. My needs and concerns were meet with a personal feel. Attorney Amanda Stone Swart was punctual in returning my emails, which put me at ease with my concerns. In addition, Senior Family Law Paralegal, Tatyana S. was very connected at communicating with me, and she provided great service, and let me know everything that was going on in the case. With living and working in Northern Virginia, customer service is hard to find, but I found it with Livesay and Myers. I would very highly recommend this firm and trust that they will meet your needs for proper representation.” – W. Smith

“★★★★★ I had the pleasure of hiring a team of women that get the job done, Amanda Stone Swart and Jenny. By no means was my divorce the most complicated in the history of human matrimony, but to me it was the only one that mattered. My mother told me to hire an attorney who was a bulldog, so I needed a team who would not fold like a lawn chair when faced with manipulation. I was confident this is what I got. They never seemed to have any interest in mind, other than mine. From day one, I was comfortable communicating with them and had confidence that I made the right choice. I never had to wait for a response to any question I had. My divorce was complete in less than a year and they made every effort possible to keep the costs down wherever possible. I highly recommend the services of Amanda and Jenny. Thank you. :)” – Tony C.

“★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart and her team were amazing. If you have never needed a lawyer before and unsure of what questions to ask, Amanda is your lawyer. I had never needed a lawyer before, and she was able to explain to me what the process was, what my options were and how my decisions affected the options provided to me. I was nervous, but she ensured me that everything would be okay and that she would guide me through the process step by step. Tatyana Spurgeon, Amanda’s paralegal was also amazing. If Amanda was at court and unable to respond to my email, Tatyana was on it, I always received a return email within the hour, most times sooner. Jessica White the accountant kept up with my trust fund, and again if I had any questions at all, she would respond almost immediately. If you are fearful of hiring a law firm, this firm has top notch professionals. They aren’t in it just for the money, they care about your justice and your rights! Thank you Amanda and team for being such AMAZING people and for the support you provided to me. I almost forgot they had other cases to attend too, that’s how attentive they are. Amanda and Tatyana make you feel like your the only case they’re working on.” – J.F.

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart and her paralegal support team including Ms. Humiston were great to work with during my divorce. From the first consultation call I felt that Amanda understood me, my case and the initial obstacles we could face. She always explained any step she advised me to take both the pros and cons and left the final decisions to me. That was important to me because no attorney can fully understand the uniqueness of someone’s marriage and how to navigate a divorce. Amanda’s experience with clients and the courtroom was pivotal in getting the results that I wanted for me and my daughters. She worked with the defendant’s attorney and worked out an agreement without having to go to trial. Due to the sensitive nature of why we divorced I couldn’t have been any happier with the final agreement. And almost 100% of the paperwork, calls and decisions were made remotely as I lived in another state. Any divorce journey is difficult to walk but Amanda and the whole team at Livesay & Myers allowed it to be as good as it could be.” – Jennifer

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart was fantastic! She was the BEST attorney I have ever met and did an outstanding job on my divorce. She displayed a high level of expertise, responsiveness, and professionalism. Thanks to Amanda I won everything I wanted in court.” – James

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart was a world of help during the dissolution of my marriage. She was very compassionate and caring. I was able to rely on her to have accurate information and quick responses to my questions. She was highly knowledgeable of what I needed to think about in regards to my future financially and the future of my children. Her advice helped establish a custody arrangement that was agreeable to both parties. Amanda was so supportive of me during the most difficult time of my life. Her dependability made me comfortable with the decisions I was making. There is no question that she had my best intentions in mind. I highly recommend her services.” – Carrie

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart and Donna Fernandez provided fantastic support for my family and I throughout a challenging matter of extended duration which was successfully resolved. Amanda’s advice and experience shone through and made a difficult experience significantly easier for me and my family.” – Matt

“★★★★★ I had a child custody case. I didn’t know what to expect and was extremely uneasy about everything. Amanda Stone Swart and her Paralegal, Jenny were amazing!!!! From the beginning they were both very reassuring and made sure I understood each process fully. My case was handled professionally and efficiently.” – Melissa T.

“★★★★★ From the moment I first called Livesay & Myers to research an attorney for a separation and divorce, it was clear Amanda Stone Swart and her team were both knowledgeable and accessible. Amanda was incredibly professional but very personable during my initial consultation, laying out what seemed like a complicated process in a very clear fashion that made it much less daunting. She and her paralegal team not only assisted through every step of the process of drawing up paperwork for the separation and divorce, but also went above and beyond in assisting with a separate legal complication that arose as part of a refinance. No matter her schedule, Amanda could always be reached through her paralegal team and far surpassed any expectations I could have had. Her office always kept in clear communication, both by phone and email, and she personally saw to the resolution of what could have turned into a much more complicated situation for me. She ensured my divorce went smoothly and incredibly quick, and her knowledge and caring—as well as that of her team—helped me through a very difficult life event. Although I have not had any other interactions with attorneys or firms, I am confident that Amanda and the Livesay & Myers paralegals set the standard and have the best intentions for their clients.” – Anonymous

“★★★★★ Livesay and Myers P.C. have been great as a whole but I would like to especially thank Amanda Stone Swart and Danielle Humiston for all their hard work and dedication to me and my case. During my year and a half long child custody case I found myself calling in to speak to Amanda and just hearing her would calm my nerves. Dani was always quick to respond to any question or concern I had. Most importantly their hard work showed off in the courtroom and I won my case. Also Tracy in the front office was always upbeat and pleasant to see. Thanks again Livesay & Myers. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone.” – William H.

“★★★★★ Despite the difficulties of going through a divorce, my experience with Livesay and Myers was nothing short of exceptionally pleasant. Amanda Stone Swart and Tatyana Spurgeon are an amazing team with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and sheer professionalism. They answered all of my questions, addressed my concerns, and remained cordial and professional in communication with our opposing counsel even when things were not received as so. I felt like they not only represented me in writing but in demeanor as well.” – Mustafa S.

“★★★★★ Just wanted to thank Ms. Amanda Stone Swart and her paralegal, Ms. Tatyana Spurgeon. Going thru a divorce is never an ideal situation but my experience working with them was painless and stress free. They were always very responsive and explained everything so that I could easily understand. If you are in search for a family law lawyer, I would highly recommend Ms. Stone Swart and her team.” – Angela M.

“★★★★★ Excellent services and extremely knowledgeable. Livesay & Myers was referred to me by a friend who was also going through family divorce, child custody/support. Amanda Stone Swart  represented me in my case and held my hand throughout the whole process and successfully negotiated everything I wanted. Jenny Peshoff helped me so much in all the paperwork and walked me through everything in detail. I highly recommend their services in family law.”  – Trish S.

“★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart made a difficult situation much easier and smoother than I could have imagined. She and her staff (Tatyana Spurgeon) took care of everything and kept me informed completely. I readily recommend Amanda for anyone who is to undergo divorce proceedings. Absolutely professional coupled with kindness that demonstrates real care for the client.” – Ronald E.

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart and her paralegal, Tatyana Spurgeon were phenomenal. I greatly appreciate Tatyana, she was forthright, direct, communicative, and honest throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend their legal services.” – Mary F.

“★★★★★ I recently finalized my divorce and hired Livesay & Myers to assist me through the process. Amanda Stone Swart was the attorney that worked with me through the whole process and I couldn’t be happier. It was a long process between my ex and I, but Ms. Stone Swart took the time to explain everything to me and offered me the best advice for my particular case. The staff at Livesay & Myers comes highly recommended and I would use them again for other legal matters!” – Steven R.

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart was fantastic to work with. I originally met with her for a consultation. She immediately made me feel comfortable. She was quick to respond to my questions, helpful and provided invaluable guidance to me. Her paralegal, Jenny, was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their receptionist, Amanda, was always helpful and very pleasant on the phone. I feel they were extremely fair with billing and worked quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend working with Amanda and her staff.” – Bonnie

“★★★★★ I only have exceptional things to say about this firm. They provided honest feedback regarding my divorce and child custody situation. I was never worried they would just say ‘what I wanted to hear.’ I worked with Amanda Stone Swart and she was caring and I felt she was invested in my case. She was always responsive to my requests and got back to me timely. I have recommended her to other friends of mine going through the same situation. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Thank you!” – Lindsay M.

“★★★★★ Ms. Amanda Stone Swart, Esq. of Livesay & Myers recently represented me in a complicated divorce action in Loudoun County involving abandonment. This was made more complex with my husband’s relocation outside of the US. Ms. Swart designed a strategy to accomplish a property settlement and divorce in a timely and cost effective manner. She and her paralegal Donna Fernandez kept in contact so I was never left wondering the status of my case or what the next action would be to achieve an equitable resolution. Amanda Stone Swart and her legal team were a bright light in an otherwise uncomfortable situation that had to be dealt with. I can’t thank them enough for their knowledge, professionalism, understanding and support. I highly recommend Amanda for anyone needing a family law attorney in Loudoun County, VA.” – Lindsay M.

“★★★★★ I am highly recommending Amanda Stone Swart and Paralegal Gigi Stanley. Not only are they very Knowledgeable but their work is built on Integrity, Professionalism and Customer Service. They were able to provide me with a positive outcome in my case, and it’s all thanks to their commendable work. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of Legal Advice or Representation. If I could give them 10 Stars, I would!” – Nathalie

“★★★★★ We have been looking for an adoption lawyer online, and we came across Livesay & Myers. Based on the previous visit to a different law practice, we’ve learned to be more cautious. We’ve read the profiles of different lawyers, and we were confident that we found what we were looking for when we saw Amanda Stone Swart. We made an appointment to see her, and she was very personable and easy to deal with. She explained the process, cost, and the timetable very well, and we signed up right then and there. All questions we’ve had have been answered promptly and they were very easy to get a hold of. We were very well represented throughout the whole process. I would recommend the practice and Amanda. Thank you!” – John

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart was my attorney for my divorce. She handled the separation agreement, custody agreement, child support and finalized the divorce. Amanda and the law firm were very professional, always responsive and very knowledgeable in this area. I’m so glad that I chose Livesay & Myers for this matter.– Carla G.

“★★★★★ I have worked on and off with Amanda Stone Swart for the past 5 years during my divorce and child custody/support issues and have been extremely satisfied with my experience. Amanda is very responsive to my questions and requests which I feel is most important during a divorce as there are so many questions. She always takes the time to understand my concerns and document the events that take place and I send to her. I also had the pleasure of working with her paralegal Danielle Humiston. Always professional and always punctual with my requests. My overall experience with Livesay & Myers exceeded my expectations. Amanda had a firm grasp of the facts and my case was strong. We ended up settling the day before the case, which was great. I am very happy with the result. And in the end, my legal fees were about 35% less than my ex’s. I’ve never felt like I was being excessively billed and I will enlist her services when my next child emancipates.” – Matt S.

“★★★★★ In the midst of such an emotionally charged situation, Mrs. Amanda Stone Swart and her paralegal, Ms. Danielle Humiston, did a phenomenal job in representing my divorce case. Overall, my questions, concerns, and contributions were validated. I appreciated having someone like Mrs. Swart litigating on my behalf and genuinely advocating for our interests. I am also grateful for the moments where I needed more clarity and was met with a professional/humanized response. Today, I believe myself and my children are in a better position in life, and that is priceless. Should I ever need Livesay & Myers services, I would be happy to re-engage. I would highly recommend them.” – Melissa E.

“★★★★★ We worked with Amanda Stone Swart and Danielle Humiston on a family crisis situation. In most situations like we faced, timeliness of legal help is critical and they were working on a solution within hours. The cost of legal help can be overwhelming for most people and we found that Amanda and Danielle were well worth the money and less costly than most lawyers we encountered.” – Anonymous

“★★★★★ Amanda Stone Swart handled my divorce. She was right up front with what my ex was eligible for, answered all my questions, and helped us settle without going to court. I loved the fact that most of it was done via email or phone, and I had to use very little time off and go into their office.” – James B.


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