Criminal, Immigration & Divorce Lawyers in Manassas

Divorce Lawyers in Manassas VA.Livesay & Myers has a team of family law, criminal, immigration and divorce attorneys in Manassas, representing clients in Manassas, Prince William County, and all across Northern Virginia.

The Manassas and Prince William County judicial system is unique among Northern Virginia jurisdictions—quite different from both Fairfax County to the north and jurisdictions like Stafford County to the south. Livesay & Myers has a team of attorneys who practice in Manassas courts every day, who know the local judges, practices and procedures.

Roots in Manassas and Woodbridge run deep at Livesay & Myers. The firm was founded in Prince William County, opening its first office in March 2003 in Woodbridge. Criminal and divorce attorneys at the firm have represented clients in Manassas and Prince William County ever since.

Manassas Divorce Lawyers

Divorce, custody, and other family law cases in Prince William County can be challenging for attorneys from outside jurisdictions—and downright frustrating for parties who attempt to represent themselves in court. The combined Manassas and Prince William system has its own unique way of doing things, to say the least. Livesay & Myers has a team of divorce attorneys in Manassas who practice in Manassas courts every day, who live and breathe the local rules, who know the local judges, system, and the law.

Our Manassas family lawyers handle every type of family law case in Virginia, including separation, divorce, custody, visitation, support and adoption. Led by partner James Livesay, a former Navy JAG, our attorneys are also experienced in military divorce cases, as well as cases involving federal civilian employees.

If you are facing a divorce, custody or other family law case in the Manassas area, be sure to visit the Family Law section of our website. There you will find answers to all your family law questions. Then, contact us to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced divorce lawyers.

Manassas Criminal Lawyers

Manassas and Prince William County are not particularly friendly jurisdictions toward those charged with criminal or traffic offenses. In fact, the Manassas and Prince William judicial system treats some offenses, such as theft crimes, much more harshly than other jurisdictions. Moreover, those charged with crimes in the Manassas area often work in the government or military—meaning a conviction could cost them not only jail time and a fine, but also their security clearance and even their career.

It is imperative that anyone facing criminal charges in Manassas or Prince William County is represented by an attorney who understands the law, the local system, and the particular concerns of the individual whose liberty and livelihood is at stake.

Our Manassas criminal lawyers have years of experience handling every type of criminal matter in the courts of Prince William County and surrounding areas—from serious felonies, violent crimes, and drug charges to misdemeanors, DUI and traffic cases. Our defense attorneys have built a record of client satisfaction by aggressively representing our clients while understanding their particular needs and concerns.

For information on whatever criminal or traffic charges you are facing, visit the Criminal Law section of our website. If you have already been charged with an offense in Manassas or Prince William County, contact us for a free, confidential consultation regarding your case.

Manassas Immigration Lawyers

Prince William County became the focus of national attention in 2008 when it enacted a controversial new immigration policy targeting undocumented immigrants. Prince William became known as a hostile place for immigrants, specifically Hispanic ones, and the new policy drove away both undocumented and documented immigrants. Although Latinos have been returning to Prince William recently, it is now more important than ever that immigrants to the area secure representation by experienced immigration lawyers—who understand both the federal immigration system and the needs and concerns of immigrants in the local area.

Led by senior associate Jennifer Varughese, the Manassas immigration lawyers at Livesay & Myers stand ready to assist immigrants and their families in Manassas, Prince William County and surrounding areas. Our immigration attorneys have represented immigrants from over 90 countries and in every type of immigration law matter, including citizenship, deportation, lawful permanent residence and temporary visas. See our Immigration Law page for more information.

Our Manassas Office

Our Manassas office is located at 9408 Grant Avenue in Manassas, just two blocks from the Prince William County Judicial Center:

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Our Manassas criminal, immigration and divorce lawyers represent clients in Manassas, Woodbridge, Dale City, Lake Ridge, Dumfries, Bristow, Haymarket, Gainesville, and all of Prince William County, as well as Fauquier and Loudoun Counties, and all of Northern Virginia.

Our Manassas office is open Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–5:30 pm.

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Manassas Criminal Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Immigration LawyersManassas Criminal Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Immigration Lawyers
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