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Fantasy Football Can Have Real Impact On Child Support

Fantasy FootballYou love fantasy football. You play in five leagues, and are reigning champion in three of them. You drafted Jimmy Graham in the 12th round last year. You know that Daniel Radcliffe is wrong and that Matthew Berry is the real weasel on the Fantasy Focus podcast. You love fantasy football.

But you don’t just play for fun. You “keep things interesting” by having some serious jelly beans on the line. This year, winning doesn’t just mean another 10” Lombardi trophy on your mantle. If you win, you’re $5,000 richer.

You’re also in the middle of a child support battle with your ex-wife. If you take home that title, will it change your child support?

In Virginia, the answer is yes. Virginia Code Section 20-108.2 sets out Virginia’s guidelines for determining child support. The guidelines use a mathematical formula that considers among other variables each parent’s income in figuring out the appropriate amount each parent should provide for their children. As discussed more fully on the main child support page of this website, Virginia has a broad definition of income when it comes to child support. The child support guidelines include a parent’s income from all sources, and includes any prizes won, even if that prize was won working the waiver wire every Monday morning.

So if you can’t say no to “just one more” fantasy league while you’re in a child support showdown, the best thing you can do for your case is to take the money off the line and play for the love of the game. Proving you’re smarter than your friends and family can be reward enough.