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“★★★★★ I had a great experience with Attorney Shirin Afsous and her paralegal Julie Colon in a recent child custody, visitation and support matter. Ms. Afsous was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with spot-on legal advice for my situation. With her expert guidance and assistance, I was able to avoid a potentially messy trial by reaching a settlement agreement with my estranged husband, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Both Ms. Afsous and Ms. Colon are extremely professional, friendly, and responded to my questions and concerns without delay. I would highly recommend them, and the entire Livesay & Myers firm, to anyone seeking legal counsel in divorce/family law-related matters.” – Amy L.

“★★★★★ Attorney Shirin Afsous and paralegal Julie Colon where an outstanding team that empowered me to end a ridiculously difficult 7 year property struggle. Their professionalism is beyond reproach. Shirin balances strong ethical considerations with an assertive no nonsense defense of her client. Where previous legal professionals where unsuccessful, she identified a path forward. This ultimately allowed me to ‘get my life back,’ and obtain a more just and equitable settlement. You cannot go wrong by hiring this firm.” – Peter K.

“★★★★★ I worked with Shirin Afsous and Julie Colon on my child support, custody, visitation case. Both were fantastic in helping me resolve a somewhat contentious and frustrating situation. Shirin was friendly, responsive, and incredibly timely in her work and responses to me. She provided me with well-researched solutions to my more complex questions; at the same time she was a calming influence when I was in less-than-calm states of mind. Julie provided me the same quality of service. She never failed to respond to my frequent emails with logistical solutions and was extremely patient with me. I would unreservedly retain Livesay & Myers for any future family law matters.” – Allison C.

“★★★★★ I had a great experience with Ms. Shirin Afsous and Ms. Julie Colon. They handled my case with professionalism, while maintaining a genuine empathy for the situation that brought me to them. I was able to obtain the optimal outcome with Ms. Afsous’ advice, and my case was resolved quickly. This was done at a more than reasonable price for the value I received. They were transparent about the work they did and kept me involved through the whole process. I will be using their services again in the future and highly recommend.” – Darius

“★★★★★ I had an overwhelmingly positive experience at Livesay & Myers. My attorney Shirin Afsous and her paralegal Julie were excellent – smart, strategic, responsive and proactive. Would strongly recommend.” – Melissa D.

“★★★★★ Shirin Afsous and [paralegal] Julia Nelson were incredibly helpful during the amendment to my divorce agreement. The process started with my ex-wife and I more angry and bitter with each other than I can remember, and ended with my ex-wife and I on much better terms. We’re back to joking with each other about the best ways forward with co-parenting our daughter.

Shirin and Julia fought to get me the best amendment possible while keeping me grounded regarding what my legal obligations are regarding my family. My ex-wife and I feel the new agreement is fair to both parties.

Shirin and Julia did the opposite of what I expected from a divorce attorney and paralegal; they worked towards a fair and civil resolution vice continued litigation in an effort to keep me paying more than absolutely necessary. Livesay & Myers is an outstanding family law firm. I hope I never have to hire a legal team again, but if I do, I know exactly who I’m going to.” – Aaron G.

“★★★★★ Shirin Afsous worked with me to initiate and finalize my divorce in the state of VA. Ms. Afsous provided direct, no-nonsense answers to all of my questions and I always felt as though she had my interests in mind when providing legal advice. I work for the State Dept and live overseas, therefore my divorce could have been a bit complicated, but Ms. Afsous made quick sense of my situation and worked with the court in VA to process my divorce in a timely manner. Ms. Afsous’ paralegal, Ms. Julie Colon, kept me informed of any developments with my case and responded quickly to any questions/doubts I had along the way. I would highly recommend Ms. Afsous and Ms. Colon to assist with a divorce case. It was a pleasure working with them both.” – Anna P.

“★★★★★ I recently hired [Shirin] Afsous to help draft a Premarital Agreement. From the first consultation to delivery of the document I was continuously impressed by her insight on this particular topic, friendly/down to earth nature, and overall work ethic. She offered great advice throughout the process and was always very responsive to emails and phone calls. I highly recommend Mrs. Afsous for any of your family law related needs.” – Jared

“★★★★★ I had the opportunity to have Attorney Shirin Afsous and her paralegal Julie Colon represent during my protective order trial. They were very informative, professional, Polite, gave me 24/7 attention to all my needs and concerns. I can tell you that my experience with Ms Afsous and Mr. Matthew Smith ( both attorneys) was amazing. I will definitely recommend the whole legal team from the front desk to the office staff and the attorneys. The only pitfall I have is if I had a chance to choose who I want to represent me right from the beginning.” – Ama A.

“★★★★★ I was very satisfied with the assistance I received from Livesay & Myers. [Shirin] Afsous and Ms. Colon were very professional and also very compassionate, allowing me to pursue my daughter’s best interest in a way that I felt was ethical and best for her. They made sure that my daughter was always the primary focus of the case. I strongly recommend Livesay & Myers and Ms. Afsous specifically.” – Nate B.

“★★★★★ I met Shirin Afsous a few months ago in my quest to find a lawyer to draw up a prenuptial agreement. Shirin was incredibly sweet and helpful through the entire process. Shirin was quick to respond to any questions I had and had the prenup done swiftly. I am very happy with this firm and would definitely use their services in the future. I have already recommended Livesay & Myers to friends and family.” – Pamela G.

“★★★★★ Many thanks to attorney Shirin Afsous and paralegal Julie Colon for making a painful situation (divorce) as painless as possible. They answered my endless stream of questions in a prompt manner and guided me through the process in a professional and flawless manner. Both were very friendly and easy to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone in my situation.” – Kathie C.

“★★★★★ Shirin [Afsous] and Julie represent me in a child custody and visitation case and I couldn’t have asked for better representation; Shirin Afsous and Julie Colon worked together and provided me with the best legal team… aggressive but very professional; very well prepared for trial.” – Alvaro Q.

“★★★★★ Although I live on the west coast, my case was to preside in Virginia. With no resources at hand, I was about to try to represent myself, until I found Shirin [Afsous]. From the start, I was surprised at the excellent communication she continually provided, and the added benefit of being able to ask her my never-ending questions. She was always patient in explaining processes, plans, and details for my non-legal mind. I felt at times we were being bullied by the opposing counsel, but Shirin was never distracted from what we were trying to accomplish in a fair and reputable manner.

[Paralegal] Julie Colon was an added bonus. She helped smooth over some of the tedious work that comes with discovery and the need for a multitude of documents. But Shirin was always responsive when I needed her excellent legal consult. Shirin is an excellent listener. Her manner and instinctive nature helped me to see things with enough understanding for me to make a decision I could live with. In the end, she was able to negotiate a settlement in order to avoid the extra extreme cost of going to court. Shirin is an amazing lawyer who walked me through the most difficult transition and produced the best results possible. She is a true professional, and a credit to Livesay & Myers, P.C.” – Maureen

“★★★★★ My lawyer Shirin [Afsous], her assistant Julie and the rest of the Livesay and Myers team have made my out of state court issue a much easier experience. Living on the other side of the country I was worried about how to handle my court issues that transferred from the west coast to the east coast without any of my choosing/doing. I was not able fly back and forth to have many face to face meetings with Shirin or Julie. Luckily they were easy to get a hold of on the phone to converse with, well organized, kept me well informed on the court procedure, timeline, took care of all my court fillings and always informed me on my options and their recommendations. We were able to settle outside of court, which was satisfactory and nice in that I did not have to take time off work and spend money on extra travel expenses. I would definitely use them again in the future if needed.” – Daniel D.

“★★★★★ I was looking for a divorce lawyer who was knowledgeable in the intricacies of rules pertaining to federal employees and retirement benefits as impacted by divorce. I’d like to recommend Attorney Shirin Afsous and paralegal Julie Colon. They were extremely helpful as my former spouse first agreed to an uncontested divorce; then decided she desired a contested divorce; then finally decided to an uncontested divorce. Throughout the changes they were extremely helpful and maintained a positive attitude. I would recommend the Afsous/Colon team to anyone in a similar situation.” – R.G.

“★★★★★ I worked with Shirin Afsous during my custody and support case. I felt very comfortable with her from the first consultation. She has a very calm and soothing manner. She constantly put me at ease during a very stressful case, and she managed to keep her composure and professionalism when dealing with my difficult and sometimes verbally combative petitioner. She was always very professional and prepared. One thing that I really appreciated was that she was good at explaining things in a way so I could understand, whether it was the legal process or some legal term. I always felt like I had a good understanding of what was happening with my case.

I also worked very closely with Julie Colon. She was my day to day point of contact, and also the person who handled the collection and initial review of my discovery documentation. I enjoyed working with Julie as well and I think she provided excellent support to Ms. Asfous. She was always very friendly and communicated well with me. She was very detailed and thorough in her work and never once dropped the ball on getting information back and forth between Ms. Asfous and I.

Between both of these ladies, if I had a question or concern it was addressed immediately. I never felt that something wasn’t handled well. I think the service they provided was excellent and if I should need a lawyer again I would definitely request to have Ms. Asfous on the case!” – Amber

“★★★★★ I worked with attorney Shirin Afsous and paralegal Julie Colon to complete my divorce. They both did a great job. I always felt as though I understood where we were in the process, whether or not opposing counsel’s arguments had merit, and that they were helping me make the best decisions. My natural style in stressful situations is to make jokes. They made me feel very comfortable and seemed to appreciate my attempts at humor. While I hope to never need legal services again, I won’t hesitate to call them if I do.” – Jeff H.


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