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“★★★★★ After receiving a letter from an attorney stating separation and divorce proceedings were forthcoming I clearly felt in need of legal representation. I went online calling Livesay & Myers. This was a random choice as I acted impulsively, having no experience with and sought no referrals as to securing an attorney to stand with me. As it turned out I could not have made a better choice had I spent days researching numerous firms. Melannie Dino took me through the entire procedure with great professionalism, knowledge and compassion. I was especially appreciative with her prompt responses to my questions/concerns (there were many) which served to keep me grounded and moving forward to a successive conclusion. I am truly grateful to Melannie [and to her staff]. Many thanks to all.” – Ron S.

“★★★★★ Going through a divorce is very troubling and stressful. I hired Ms. Melannie Dino for my divorce case and that was the best decision I ever made. She’s truly a phenomenal lawyer, very responsive, always provided me with all options including pros and cons for each of them. On top of all that, she and her team were very supportive humanly. I think, the human aspect of my interactions with her and her team was what I appreciated most. I felt like I was dealing with a lawyer/counselor at the same time. They took into consideration my situation and truly helped me go through the process as smoothly as possible. I will recommend everyone dealing with the same situation to go with them. VERY PROFESSIONAL AND HUMAN TEAM!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL WHAT YOU DID FOR ME.” – Saikou

“★★★★★ Melannie Dino really was the support I needed in navigating through my separation agreement. She really listened to what I wanted and helped me arrive at a settlement with my former partner quickly. Her response time was excellent along with her advice.” – Mary

“★★★★ Melannie [Dino] provided exceptional support and guidance throughout the time I worked with her. Despite many variables in my situation, she patiently listened and provided options for me to consider. She was easily accessible and conscientious of the circumstance I was in and was very professional throughout.” – Enrique G.

“★★★★★ I had a great experience working with Melannie Dino. She was wonderful about looking out for my best interest but she also took the time to listen to what I wanted and how I felt. She was very informative and helpful during the whole process, and was very thorough with every bit of paperwork, as was her paralegal Colleen Brennan. They both kept me informed at every step so I always knew what was happening and what stage we are at. I would highly recommend them!” – Jessica J.

“★★★★★ I had a very pleasant experience working with Melannie Dino on a custody, visitation, and child support case. She was professional all throughout and never failed to give me good advice nor to answer my question and address my concerns. I liked the most that it always felt organic and that she was constantly on top of things.” – Ruben D.

“★★★★★ I would highly recommend Melannie Dino and [Michelle] Evans for divorce proceedings. The are very professional and extremely reliable. They always answered promptly to any questions that I had via email or by phone. Everything went very smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with the services I received.” – Stacy V.

“★★★★★ Through a long almost 2 year process due to Covid and non-responsive ex-husband, Melannie Dino and the group were always pushing forward and making sure I knew the process and moving my divorce forward. Melannie was extremely professional and made sure I was aware of everything they were doing promptly. It was a pleasure working with her through a very tough time. I appreciate all her help in getting my divorce closed before having to go to court.” – Denise V.

“★★★★★ I retained Melannie [Dino] to help navigate and finalize a child support modification to my existing divorce settlement. She worked the specifics of my case to ensure the result of my settlement was fair and reasonable within the state guidelines. She framed the legal issues in such a way that I felt comfortable with the final results of the modification settlement. She worked changes promptly and was very responsive throughout the entire process.” – Anonymous

“★★★★★ My uncontested divorce was expertly handled by attorney Melannie Dino and paralegal Tina Allen. Both of these ladies are compassionate, efficient, respectful of your time, and extremely responsive. From my first consultation with Melannie, I knew my interests would be well represented and taken care of. If you are looking for a team that will protect, support, and value you as a client, you need look no further than Melannie Dino, Tina Allen and Livesay & Myers.” – Mary F.

“★★★★★ Separation is very difficulty especially when social norms is to provide everything to the wife. Thank God I met Melannie Dino who did not discriminate. She displayed a very high skill level and knowledge of law its statute and operation on that level of professionalism. I felt like someone was on my side displaying no biases, instead sticking to what the statutes indicated and giving appropriate advice with supported legal authority. I highly recommend Melannie Dino to all in great need of an attorney you will be well pleased with her work ethics, friendliness, attitude and quick turn around and response. Thanks Melannie Dino!” – Ray T.

“★★★★★ Kudos to Melannie Dino for being the steady hand on the wheel through all of the unexpected twists and turns of my case. She caught critical details and closed loopholes that I would have regretted for years down the road. While I’d never wish it on anyone to go through a divorce process, I would gladly recommend Melannie to help you get across the finish line with your sanity and welfare intact!” – Demetrius D.

“★★★★★ Melannie Dino and Michelle Evans were professional in every way, but my experience was also a human one with them. Ms. Dino listened thoroughly to my needs and concerns regarding my separation agreement. She helped me work through this process in a way that was legal, worked for me, and helped me maintain my core values. Both Ms. Dino and Ms. Evans were kind, caring and patient during the signing process which was emotional for me. I believe them to be good people and I will consult with them again during the next phase of this process. I will also say that, I’m grateful for their quiet acknowledgment that the breakup of a marriage is not just a legal issue, but a human one.” – Jennifer E.

“★★★★★ This law firm made the process to begin and complete my divorce seem quite effortless. Melannie Dino is no-nonsense and she excels at quickly being able to focus on the important and pertinent aspects of your case. After the initial separation agreement form was filled out and those details ironed out, this firm largely handled the rest of the process without me having to do almost anything. They kept me well informed along the way and I had full trust in them. Their pricing is very good, considering what you get for your money. I qualified for the flat fee divorce rate and they never tried to upcharge me or sell me on extra services. I would very highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a no-hassle process with very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional staff.” – Kelly H.

“★★★★★ Had an excellent experience with [Melannie] Dino. She was extremely professional in helping guide me through my case. She was outstanding in her communication and thoughtful in advising me on how to obtain the best result for my matter. Would highly recommend and would seek her assistance again if needed.” – Rick D.

“★★★★★ Melannie Dino was extremely helpful with my recent divorce case. She kept me informed and up to date on the information that I needed to make the best decision for me and my daughters. My case was difficult from an emotional standpoint! She kept me focused on the what was best for me and the girls long-term and was able to keep my emotion checked in place where it needed to stay. I highly recommend Melannie and her team for any situations where you may need a lawyer.” – Mike R.

“★★★★★ Melannie Dino and her coworkers were professional. They helped me promptly through my case and I do recommend Melanie Dino and the entire firm.” – Pedram H.

“★★★★★ I worked with Melannie Dino for a grandparent custody case and she was excellent! Her responses were quick, she is extremely knowledgeable about the law and gave me best and worst case scenarios based on her experience in the law. I am happy with the outcome and highly recommend her and her team!” – A. Marsh

“★★★★★ I would highly recommend Livesay and Myers for your legal needs. I would ask to deal with Melannie Dino. She’s tenacious and will make sure you get what you are entitled to. She handled my divorce and made it easier knowing I was being well taken care of. Questions were answered quickly and were explained with an answer that I could understand. I knew what was going on every step of the way.” – K. Hastings

“★★★★★ Melannie Dino helped me through a difficult time. She provided expert advice and met expectations from day one. It made the entire process easier to understand and reduced anxiety. Michelle Evans also provided excellent service and timely responses to all questions.” – Jeff V.

“★★★★★ Ms. Melannie Dino was a Blessing from God. After having numerous issues with my first law firm, hiring Melannie was a breath of fresh air! She demonstrated Family Law/Protective Order knowledge, professionalism, respect, honesty, and concernment at all times. Justice was on her mind from the beginning. Her Paralegal, Michelle was too exemplary. Melannie’s ethical behavior; outstanding, ran off the grid! She always kept communication opened, and consulted with me, even when deciding whether or not I should hire a court reporter. I could not have done this without Melannie. She won my case!! The Judge received the facts, and ordered me EVERYTHING we asked for in my PO request! With God’s help, Melannie won my case! I now have peace & joy. If you are in need of a Family Law Attorney, look no further, Ms. Melannie Dino is HIGHLY recommended. Go, get the consult now.” – Brenda J.

“★★★★★ I would definitely recommend Mrs. Melannie Dino and Mrs. Michelle Evans from the law firm of Livesay & Myers to assist anyone that would be in need of great representation. I selected Mrs. Dino and Mrs. Evans to assist me regarding my divorce case. This was my first time going through an experience like this so I needed representation from attorneys that were quite experienced when it came to legal matters in this particular area. They were quite knowledgeable in this area and I could not have selected two better individuals to assist me regarding my case. Both Mrs. Dino and Mrs. Evans were easily reachable and responsive whenever I had questions that needed answered and they were always on top of my case. I was always kept informed of upcoming dates where responses were necessary and my representation always had the answers. I did not have to worry too much regarding the situation as Mrs. Dino and Mrs. Evans thoroughly laid out the process in a concise and easy to comprehend step-by-step plan. It is like my case was on autopilot. I was always kept informed as to what to expect from the other party. All correspondence with the other party was handled by Mrs. Dino and Mrs. Evans, so that in and of itself was like having peace of mind. My lawyers alleviated all my concerns with their professionalism and legal knowledge. Having great representation in a life-changing matter could not have gone any better and that was all due to having Mrs. Melannie Dino and Mrs. Michelle Evans from Livesay & Myers as my attorneys.” – Reggie

“★★★★★ Melannie Dino and Michelle Evans consistently went the extra mile to ensure I was updated on the process of my case. They were both quick to respond to my questions and concerns, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. I would definitely recommend them.” – Bill H.

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