Custody Software Highlights the Need for Communication

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Sharing the responsibility of raising a child with a person with whom you no longer share a relationship is never easy. Every situation varies, but at some point most parents forget how important it is to be able to communicate, and then (hopefully) quickly realize that not communicating is simply not an option. But learning how to communicate in child custody and visitation situations is a process and a journey, with pitfalls and setbacks along the way.

When Prineville, Oregon resident Lynn White divorced her husband with whom she shared two children, she knew that communicating would be tough but necessary. She was so invested in the idea that she created an online custody management program to help. Her custody program, called “Divaroo,” allows parents to upload report cards and homework into a shared documents folder and to review a shared calendar for activities and appointments. Parents can also create and view a consistent set of “House Rules” stating what is and is not allowed for their child, a shared journal for logging important events in their child’s life, and a picture gallery for sharing special moments captured on camera.

Mrs. White’s program is just one example highlighting the fact that parents need to be able to communicate. It is no surprise that parents who undergo a court hearing over child custody and visitation wind up struggling afterward with communication regarding their child. Each parent will likely have hurt feelings regarding what was done and said during the closing chapters of their relationship, and throughout the custody process.

Your custody attorney should be tough in the courtroom, but should also be able to provide you with thoughtful feedback on how to co-parent after the process has concluded. The family lawyers at Livesay & Myers have litigated, negotiated, and mediated hundreds of custody cases over the years. Contact us today to schedule a consultation if you are facing or undergoing a custody or visitation issue.

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