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Virginia Criminal Lawyers.From offices in Fairfax, Manassas and Fredericksburg, the highly-rated criminal lawyers at Livesay & Myers represent clients across Northern Virginia. Our approach is simple: to prepare for each case as if it will go to trial, and to aggressively pursue every possible avenue of defense. Whatever charges you are facing, you can rely on our attorneys to guide you through the treacherous terrain of the criminal justice system—and fight for you every step of the way

Our criminal lawyers are experienced in defending clients against every type of charge in Virginia, from serious felonies to misdemeanors:

Drug Charges. Our attorneys have years of experience in aggressively defending clients against every type of drug charge in Virginia, including charges of distribution, simple possession, and possession with the intent to distribute. The penalties for these charges vary by drug type, the amount sold or possessed, and whether it is a first or subsequent offense—but in general are quite high. Also, many of these offenses have mandatory minimums, giving judges little discretion on sentencing. Simply put, conviction on drug charges can be devastating. Therefore, it is critical that anyone facing drug charges in Virginia hire an experienced criminal attorney as early as possible in the process.

Sex Crimes. The maximum punishments for sex crimes in Virginia are quite high, and often include mandatory minimum sentences. It is critical that anyone being investigated or charged with a sex crime contact an experienced criminal attorney immediately. Partner Ghislaine Storr Burks personally handles all sex crimes cases for Livesay & Myers. Ms. Burks is widely known across Virginia for her skilled and aggressive defense of clients against sex offense charges, including a number of clients in high-profile cases. For more information, see our Guide to Sex Crimes Defense in Virginia.

Traffic & DUI. The maximum punishments for DUI, DWI, reckless driving, and driving on a revoked or suspended license in Virginia are quite harsh. In addition, conviction on these charges could impact one’s career, security clearance and insurance costs. The stakes are too high in these cases for you not to be represented by experienced attorneys. Our lawyers have years of experience in aggressively defending clients charged with DUI, DWI and other traffic law offenses in Northern Virginia.

Other Offenses. Our criminal defense lawyers also handle charges of assault and battery, domestic violence, malicious or unlawful wounding, robbery and other violent crimes, as well as non-violent offenses like larceny and embezzlement.

Federal Criminal Charges. The federal criminal system is harsh, severe and dangerous. These cases require special attention and an aggressive approach. Our attorneys are experienced in defending against every sort of charge in the federal system, including: drug charges, RICO offenses, money laundering, public corruption, violent crimes and white collar offenses. The structure and resources of our firm, combined with the aggressive approach of our attorneys, can lay the groundwork for making the best possible defense against federal criminal charges.

Juvenile Crimes. Juveniles who are found delinquent of criminal acts in Virginia face serious consequences, ranging from probation to commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice. It is imperative that juveniles facing criminal charges are represented by experienced attorneys ready to aggressively defend their rights and their future. Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience in the Virginia juvenile justice system—they know what steps need to be taken to best defend the interests of your child.

Appeals. The right to appeal an unfavorable or unjust ruling in a criminal case is at the heart of our criminal justice system. The criminal lawyers at Livesay & Myers are experienced both in appeals from district courts to circuit courts, and from circuit courts to the Virginia Court of Appeals. Our attorneys can represent you on appeal not only in cases where we represented you at trial, but also where you were unrepresented or represented by another attorney.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The legal representation from everyone at Livesay and Myers was excellent. Ghislaine Storr Burks… was very professional and knowledgeable of the laws and case laws that were dealing with my criminal case. Ghislaine and her staff exhibited great attention to detail in my case. I would definitely recommend Livesay and Myers law firm to everyone…” - GW M.

Ghislaine Storr Burks was always available and very understanding of our unique situation and took the time to explain every charge in detail. She gave me a direct ‘matter of fact’ of what she thought the outcome would be from day one. Ghislaine and her team (David and Anna Lindemann) were always there to answer the hard questions and were very truthful, direct, and honest with their answers. She prepared us from day one on every motion, every court appearance, and visited frequently while I was in jail awaiting trial and sentencing… Not only do I, but my family, thank her for selfless dedication and the hours her and her team put in on my case…” - Doug F.

“I was represented by Atty. Ben Griffits for a case in Manassas. In my initial interview, I was very pleased with his responses to my questions and concerns. He seemed to be very knowledgeable about the County Court system, various “personalities” of the judges and prosecutors, and the process we would need to go through for my case… Ben’s encouragement and understanding throughout the process were much appreciated and I would definitely consult with him – or any of the Attorneys at the firm, on any other legal matter that I would have.” - Tom B.

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Our Criminal Lawyers

Livesay & Myers has a team of experienced criminal lawyers and traffic attorneys in Northern Virginia. The size and resources of our firm allow us to offer a comprehensive, aggressive defense to each client. Our criminal attorneys are supported by a team of paralegals and law clerks. We also have a network of private investigators and forensic experts at our disposal. Be sure to review the profiles of each of our criminal lawyers to find the one who is the best fit for you.

Free Consultation. If you have been charged with a crime in Northern Virginia, contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced defense attorneys today. Each of our offices are open Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–5:30 pm; during off-hours please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Virginia Criminal Attorneys
Virginia Criminal Lawyers
Virginia Criminal Attorneys
Virginia Criminal Lawyers
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