The Immigration Team at Livesay & Myers

Attorney Jennifer VarugheseJennifer S. Varughese
Senior Associate
Jennifer Varughese is the lead immigration attorney at Livesay & Myers. A first-generation Indian-American, she has personal knowledge of the immigrant experience. Ms. Varughese has represented clients from over 80 countries and in every category of immigration law matter, including complicated cases related to citizenship, deportation, family-based and employment-based green cards, waivers and nonimmigrant visas. She has been recognized for her work in the field of the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

Attorney Susannah Nichols

Susannah E. Nichols
Susannah Nichols is an immigration attorney at Livesay & Myers. Her practice covers family-based and employment-based green cards, temporary visas, and citizenship. Ms. Nichols has a special focus on deportation cases, and has written extensively on the available forms of relief from deportation, including cancellation of removal and asylum.

Maria OrnelasMaria C. Ornelas
Maria Ornelas is an immigration law paralegal at Livesay & Myers. She immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico at the age of 13, and has worked in the field of immigration law since January 2001. With over a decade’s experience in immigration law, her fluency in Spanish, and her personal knowledge of the challenges faced by many immigrants, Ms. Ornelas is a vital member of the immigration team at the firm.

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